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Are Raw dog food diets controversial ?

There has been a recent upsurge of interest in raw feeding for dogs, mainly because more and more people are coming to realise that raw food is the perfect food for their dog. The main bone of contention seems to be focused on the potential risk of bacteria being transferred from the raw food. This has been taken out of context and will be explained on this site and in more depth, within your free Ebook


What is 'Raw Feeding' And why make the switch?

Raw feeding is offering your dog a diet made up of raw meat, bones, offal, fruit & veg, fish and eggs, basically mimicking the diet of wolves. Our beloved dogs share 99% of their DNA with Wolves as they are descended from the wolves that we humans domesticated and over the years have evolved into the many breeds of dog that we know today. 

The pros and pros of raw feeding for dogs

Dogs were not evolved to eat heavily processed dry biscuits made from cereals with a bit of meat flavouring added in, that kind of food is not easily digested and shows in many negative ways. One benefit of raw feeding is the natural behaviour used to eat a bone, the tugging, pulling and chewing is a great exercise for your dog as well as mentally stimulating for him. All dogs can eat a raw diet whatever their shape, size or breed.

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We all like to know what our children are eating. The same goes for our pets so why not download my free Ebook and learn the fundamentals of the Raw Food diet facts and history.


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